About Us

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    Katrina is multi-talented with a large skill set. She can overlook, edit, advise, and create campaigns on everything from commercial advertisements to full production using state of the art tools and Hollywood film making methods.

    Team Leader

    The youngest member of our team, Magz' nickname is Maggie Panda. But don't let her age hold back the fact that she is super talented Animation Designer & Videographer.


    Rex's nickname is T-Rex. He is a multi-talented developer in many fields from Web Design to Gaming & Video Design. He also has experience in After Effects, PhotoShop, and various other software.


    Janine is our senior team member. She's proficient in music editing, but her greater skills are as a Graphic Artist and Character Modeler. She also has experience in After Effects and Logo Design.

    Art Director

Our advantages

Ideas and concepts

Our products range from "animation effects" to "full video productions". Never forgetting the "human" aspect of technology, Our team embrace the unusual to the outright "crazy" in developing emotional, funny, and sometimes epic creations. Take a look at all of the body of work we have to offer and reveal the personalities and insanity of our team ;)

Designs & interfaces

Our designs are meant for the D.I.Y. - (Do-It-Yourselfer) to have a collection of pro video tools at their fingertips. Our DIY plans and individual products assist in making any video look and feel like a high dollar production on a budget anyone can afford. Sure you could do it all without us, but why spend hours of your valuable time when we make it so easy and affordable?

Highly customizable

Need custom work? No problem. We have a full production team on site to create any type of project ready to represent your company, product, service, or concept with pro style and flare. Simply give us your vision and we'll "breathe life into it", and at a fraction of the cost of other companies. Or we can supply the ideas and you choose what you prefer!

Easy to use

And our #1 priority is making super easy to use products. After all, we mostly focus on the Do-It-Yourselfer or beginners that are business owners. But, we also have easy packages for Pros as well, that offer bulk products at premium pricing assisting multiple ways on many levels. Check out all of our offers that can make your projects easier and more profitable.